Thursday, September 24, 2009

SportyTomster3 Posts The Most Incendiary and Popular Comment of Our Era

SportyTomster3, a distant relative of pamphlet writer Thomas Paine, posted a comment on that has already been called, "the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire corporate era." SportyTomster3's post was entitled "Common Sense." In the post he said, "There is something exceedingly ridiculous in the composition of the corporation; it first excludes a man from the means of information, yet empowers him to act in cases where the highest judgment is required."

Already this post has 32 replies from such co-revolutionaries as... CowboyzFan1972, "I'm a fan of SportyTomster3 4 life!" ... room1212UConn said "Your my hero Smile Thanks..." and CuddlyBeartTX said, "It all comes back to our leaders. They secretly meat with alien life forms from a planet called Glavon-9 and make us eat high-fructose corn syrup until we need liver transplants. Look closely at your elected leaders. Chances are they glow. Everybody knows that anyone who has ever visited Glavon-9 will glow."

Sociologist Hewing Powers of George Washinton University discussed the political important of this comment post, "Sporty Tomster3 writes and reasons in a vernacular style the common people understand. As the struggle continues against mega-corporations, this comment post may be seen as an early rallying point in the case against corporations to the people. Not since the original 'Common Sense' have we seen this type of impactful political writing."

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