Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Junior White House Official Never Quoted

Reporters love affair with quoting senior White House officials anonymously has some that work mere footsteps from the Oval Office a bit...perturbed. "I went to Harvard. I have an M.A. from George Washington in Public Affairs. I am the pre-eminent expert in this building on ensuring illegal immigrants do not get free healthcare in any reform legislation. Yet, who do they quote? Jon!," said junior White House official Fred Watkins.

Earlier in the day, another junior White House official said "The press does it anomymously, I know. They just say 'according to a senior White House official.' But it matters to me. I know I wasn't quoted. I didn't spend 18 months freezing my butt off as the campaign's point man in Minneapolis to be given such little respect. Liberal bias? Ha! The media has a senior bias. Hey, wait a minute, you're actually writing this down. Is this quote going to be in the newspaper?"

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