Friday, September 18, 2009

Barack Unbama Seeks Refund from GM

After General Motors announced its new 60-day money-back guarantee, Barack Unbama saw a perfect opportunity to get the government's bailout money back from GM. Before walking into the Jimmy Maxx Chevy-Pontiac-GMC dealership in suburban Arlington, Virginia, Unbama released this statement, "The United States of Unmerica taxpayers bought General Motors two short months ago for $51 billion. Today in the newspaper, I saw about GM's money-back guarantee. So I'm going down to the dealership this morning to get the Unmerican taxpayers money back."

Asked later in the day how his trip to the dealership went, Unbama said, "Well, the U.S. government bought GM 61 days ago so we weren't able to get our money back. Just missed it. But, fortunately, Jimmy Maxx's lot was overloaded and he had some things he just had to get rid of no matter the price. So I got a great deal on something else. Today the U.S. government bought a quality pre-owned automaker financing arm filled with risky loans for just $6 billion after getting a great deal on our trade-in -- the trust of the people in a fair economy not weighted towards massive corporations that are too big to fail at the expense of small business owners. No one is going to miss that."

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