Saturday, September 12, 2009

Person's direction in life gauged in short, flowery article

Letter to the Editor

Dear Persons Magazine,
Thank you for your lovely article on my favorite actor, Bradley Convex. Angelina Pretty has clearly chosen a man who will devote his entire life to his children. I know that's a bold statement. How can one ascertain a person's dedication to a chosen path in life, even after years of a close friendship? Well, I have to thank your quality reporting. The six pictures in the spread and the 25o word-article written at a fifth-grade level was all the information I needed to truly understand how this individual will spend the rest of his life, particularly in respect to his parenting abilities.

Next, I'd love to see an article to help me gauge whether Tom Selleck will devote his entire life to his mustache.

Yours truly,
Winifred Hasnopa
Edina, MN

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