Monday, September 21, 2009

Fan Who Speaks In First Person Not Really Affiliated with Sports Team

Reginald Hendrix is very excited about the University of Virginia Cavaliers chances for this football season. "We're going to be just awesome. I know it! Coach Al Groh is really coming into his own and is going to be a great coach for us. We've made some good changes on offense, I like what our defense has been doing lately, and we've really been hustling on special teams. We're going to give it our all this year. This is our year! Whoooo! Go Cavs! We're in it to win it, baby. We are going all the way."

Despite his extensive use of the words "we" and "our", it turns out that Mr. Hendrix is not a Virginia player, coach, administrator, or former player and has no actual ties to the university or any role, whatsoever, in the team's performance.

Photo by Mike Ingalls for TheSabre.Com

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